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Elevator Talk


Football, more present every day in our society, has become an admired show. The Brazil World Cup 2010 reached an audience of 3.200 million people, the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population. Much more than show-business, politics or the economy, football is followed by millions of fans. Could there be a greater illusion for them to play a match with their team?


PLAYING2 makes this illusion come true. Playing2 allows fans to place their picture on the number of the team which jumps on the field. It is a new concept in the relationship between sport and fan that gives them a feeling of membership they can be proud of on the web, apps, social networks, Club Card and, of course, in the match with their picture in the numbers.


BBVA Spanish League; Ekstraklasa Polish League or MX Mexican League are already within the Project. Playing2’s main goal is to incorporate the most important sporting events around the world.


Everybody wins with Playing2

Everybody wins with Playing2:
1. Fans make possible their dream of playing alongside their idols.
2. Clubs get a new source of income.
3. Sponsors find in this project a new way to communicate with their consumers and to optimize their sponsorships.
4. The shirt manufacturer increases sales by giving the opportunity for fans to customize the shirt.
5. Society as a whole as Playing2 is an excellent tool for developing social programs that collaborate to build a better world.